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The Monarch Papers is an multimedia story experience. Like a book, a film and a game all rolled into one.

As part of this series of online stories, interactive games, and books the story stretches across the globe. And as with every great story/gaming experience  there’s a soundtrack.

Released over four volumes, The Monarch Papers is the soundtrack that sits within and alongside the experience.

Volumes one and two are coming soon…

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“A soundtrack can make or break a work, it is the sound of the story.”

The Sound of Stories is my homepage. I’m composer and soundtrack designer Simon R Arrowsmith. I’ve been mucking about with music ever since I was a kid. I’ve composed music and constructed soundscapes for a wide variety of performance and recorded media – from trailers to soundtracks for stage and screen.

Most recently I composed the music for The Monarch Papers, a multi-media adventure and responsive story. Other recent work includes the score for a new musical called Something Something Lazarus at The Kings Head Theatre in London.

To get in touch and enquire about the use of works contained in these pages or commissions for new work, please use the contact form below.

Cheers, Simon*

*the beardy one with the pencil

Photo by Jamie Scott Smith (c) 2016

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