the sound
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“I’m happiest when I’m making noise.”

Simon is an Offie (Off-West End) Award nominated composer and sound designer working in theatre, film/video, radio, and interactive game content.

Recent film project: Macbeth


Telling stories with sound

“Simon Arrowsmith’s score sounds fresh and invigorating, a natural next step beyond Bjork’s Dancer in the Dark.”


“Simon Arrowsmith’s filmic sound design adds the final layer; a gossamer cloak of atmosphere that fits the action perfectly.”


Something Something Lazarus is something unusual, something unique, and bodes well for the future of musical theatre in the UK.”

For The Lesson – “An unsettling, disturbing soundscape designed by Simon Arrowsmith.”


“Where Arrowsmith whips in some tutti there result is complex and outstandingly rich harmony work that just adds to the already impressive quality of writing.”


“It’s great to see British theatre makers creating new musical theatre that doesn’t follow American trends.”


Theatre Composition

Composing both live and recorded music for plays and musicals. Recent work includes musical Something, Something Lazarus at The King’s Head, London and Macbeth for The Shakespeare Project, Kent.

Theatre Sound

Crafting and recording sound effects and soundscapes for plays and musicals. Recent work includes productions at The Hope Theatre, London. The House of Yes and also The Lesson, which won him an Off-West End Award nomination for Sound Design.

Brands and Events

Creating sound logos, environments and musical identities for brands. Building stings, transitions and supporting music for award ceremonies, corporate events and conferences. Recent clients include Edelman and IATA.

Interactive Games

Composing and producing music and sound content for games and interactive digital content. Recent projects include the year-long interactive game The Monarch Papers for Ackerly Green Publishing, New York.

Film and Video

Scoring and producing music for film and broadcast video. Projects have included Darren Doherty’s short film The Shakespeare Project: Macbeth and Grow the People’s online development series.

Sound Design

Building sound design presets for assorted hardware and software synthesizers and samplers. Creating samples and sound sources for use by other sound deisgners.

Recent Work

Click on the photos to see and hear examples of some of Simon’s recent sound design and composition work.

Sound stories

Sound in storytelling isn’t just about music working with image. Sound alone has never been more alive thanks to podcasts, audiobooks and radio.

This offers up the opportunity to use both music and the spoken word to reach a whole new audience. Simon has been lucky enough to help create some exciting audio stories with some great creators.

Simon has also created a series of sound sets for hardware and software, for other artists to use in their sound design and music making.


Simon has been obsessed with the way music works in other contexts since he was five. He memorised the soundtrack album from The Wizard of Oz, but not just the songs, the ‘incidental’ music too. Struck by how the music itself could carry so much weight of the story, it felt hardly incidental. 

The older he got the more aware he became of the way music works with the other storytelling elements, deciding to make it the main component of both his Bachelors and Masters degrees.

In his other work he’s a professional story consultant and it’s that world he brings to his media scoring and sound design practice. The story is everything and the sounds he creates need to service the characters, the conflicts and the narrative.

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